Testimonials from previous classes:

Trimming, prep, all hands on experience was extremely helpful. It was all covered well, lots of time given to answering questions adequately. - E. Kokoski
Hands on was excellent. Got a feel for the meat texture. Eric explained everything clearly and was open to questions. Eric did a great job of visiting each person and commenting on our work. Pace was good as we could visit with others to discuss different BBQ ideas. - T. Playter
The demonstrations and the hands on was key to a successful learning experience. D. Hornung I found the class to be very helpful and was conducted by first class people. - G. Wyatt
The most helpful part: the hands on part of the course, the interaction with others. The course material was great. B. Stocks I enjoyed all parts of the class but did enjoy the brisket preparation. - J. Wilson
The most helpful part: how to prepare the ribs. I didn't know to take the membrane off. How much fat to take off the different meats. - B. Prystupa
All very helpful. Better understanding of brisket. Keep up the excellent work. - E. Fonger
Just a quick note to thank you both for the wonderful Pitmaster Class this weekend. It was very informative and professionally done. Kudos to both of you and your staff for all of the hard work and preparation that went into making this possible. - B. Arlint
Eric was very informative and more than willing to extend his knowledge and support. As well as the "hands-on learning", from start to finish of the food prep. I thought it was excellent. - J. Oliver
The most helpful part: The hands on approach. Gives you the pefect chance to see if meat is cooked and differences in methods of fat removal. - A. Wood
The most helpful part: hands on helped learn about the different meats - head table with TV was great. - R. Balliett
The most useful part is the hands on aspect. Actually putting on the rubs, preparing and working with the cooked meat because I haven't BBQ'd/smoked yet. - D. Hudema
The hands on is always the best part. - M. Sanders